29 Will Be Fine

Well. I'm officially 29. Yikes! When did that happen?

At some point I feel there will be the questions of "Are you feeling old now?" or "I bet you take more naps?" I've always been one to look at getting older and frown a bit but I believe that's everyone, right?! 

This morning I woke up at 4:45a and headed to the gym to make sure I got in a hard work out before I started my Birth Day. It was mainly because I knew I'd feel better about the cake I'd consume today ... and last night. Anyway. I did a lot of thinking while I was running on the treadmill. Sometimes I can think way too much and I need to just put my mind to rest but today was a good thinking session. 

I realize now with age comes more opportunities. I have an opportunity to praise God every day and give Him glory in the good and bad. I have an opportunity to be a Godly husband. I have an opportunity to be a Godly father. I have an opportunity to live out the Gospel in front of every person I encounter. Do I make it most of it though? I began questioning if in my busyness I ever try to slow down and ensure I'm living out my years focused on pointing people to Christ and not myself? I truly in my run this morning asked myself if I'm taking these opportunities and making them count. 

SO. For my 29th year of life I'm dedicating it to making the opportunities count. There are countless ones every day and I know I'll fail at some point but I'm ready. Like that Steven Curtis Chapman song I'm going to "LIVE OUT LOUD." 

I held my wife and kids a little closer today and made sure to hug them a little tighter and a little longer (without being awkward). My cuddle session with my little girl Adelaide was so precious and she told me she loved me because it was my birthday, therefore, I will tell her it's my birthday every day!