I'm Bad At Blogs

There. I said it. I'm bad at blogs and like everything about them. 

I wrote a blog on my birthday nearly a year ago with the intentions of writing regularly as an outlet for me to think through life and tell ya'll about it. Whoops. I forgot to tell you all about it. 

A lot has happened in this near year since I last wrote something. Here are a few of the things going on. 

RBF to RBC. I was blessed this year to accept a position at Ridgecrest Baptist in Springfield, Mo. I was formerly at the same church, River Bluff Fellowship, for nearly seven years and loved every minute of it. It's a strange feeling to know God is calling you to a new place but at the same time so freeing to know so strongly it was what He wants for you. At times I very much miss my friends at River Bluff Fellowship but am also encouraged and thankful for new found friendships and people at Ridgecrest. I see nearly every single week signs that are evident that RBC is where we are supposed to be and I'm still humbled and honored to be there. God is good. 

KIDS. Adelaide is four, Kingston is two and Ledger is one. Adelaide is in preschool and loves it so much. She is so kind, intelligent funny and witty. Kingston loves ninjas, batman and spiderman. I absolutely love how much of a boy he is. He loves to play in the dirt and fight bad guys and he's seriously the coolest. He's sweet, loves his mama and I can tell loves to please people already. Ledger is a little chunk and refuses to walk even though he can stand by himself. I'm bonding more and more with Ledge Man, as I call him, and he loves his "dada." I'm beyond thankful I get to be the dad of these three little AuBuchon's. 

MUSIC. I'm coming out of a busy season of student events, travels and time away from my family. While I've been thankful for new opportunities the last five of six weekends I've been away and I'm ready to be home. I'm in the process of writing new songs and seeing what the Lord has to say through me. We'll see if anything happens with it. Stay tuned. 

APPENDIX. I had an emergency appendectomy a few months back and it was not a fun time for me. I love to up, active and at it all the time. I love playing tennis, basketball, running and lifting and I couldn't do any of that for like ten weeks. Are you supposed to be out that long you ask? NO. Not at all. However, I got the stomach bug twice, horrible cough and congestion and finally a third case of stomach bug stuff. It was a miserable nearly three months. I won't take my health for granted anymore and you shouldn't either. 

THIRTY. Come December 12th I'll be thirty. WOAH. I'm thankful for the years God has graced me with and hoping for more years to love on my wife and kids and let people know I love Jesus. 

What's up with you? Maybe we haven't connected in a long time. I'd love to hear what God is doing in your life and where you are these days. Reach out and let's grab some coffee, talk about Jesus, music, life or whatever and catch up. Don't let another year go by and not say hi. 

(now here's a huge photo of me)