Family Pictures

This week we took family pictures.  

We haven’t had family pictures for a while now and wanted to take advantage of the fall foliage and good lighting.

Adelaide is four, Kingston is two and Ledger is one. As we were getting ready Kingston was crying, Adelaide was being bossy and Ledger constantly had a snotty nose. I said to myself, “Why again are we doing this?!” Why in the world do we dress up, get frustrated when the kids cry and ultimately end up in bad moods at the end of family photo sessions?


That’s right. We do it for the sake of remembering wonderful, different seasons of life. We get all dressed up and say cheese so we remember. We remember hard times, good times, funny things the kids did and where we were in life. It’s a wonderful thing to look at a picture and be reminded of past life. It can make you laugh and cry all at the same time. 

Once we got to the place to take pictures the kids were in decent moods and as I watched them run around, laugh and giggle and I couldn’t stop smiling. How in the world did I get this lucky? I’ll one day, years from now, see these smiling faces in these pictures and be instantly reminded of this season of life. It made me think “Make more memories, Micah.”